7 Effective Habits to Become a Successful College Student

There is a saying that if you do something for more than 3 weeks it becomes a habit. Entering into college you must start to form some good habits that will help you be a successful, productive student. Pin the following up on the wall to your dorm for ease of access throughout your years in college and use them.

1. First Things First

first things first

We can’t emphasize enough how much this first one will save you a lot of unnecessary agonies. If you sit down the beginning of each day and look at your calendar and attack what is coming next first, you have 99.9% of how to get through your day was done.

Do it every day, make it a part of your normal routine. Sit down have a cup of joe, tea, or whatever your fav breakfast drink is, and focus on your calendar.

2. Exercise

2. Exercise

On your calendar, for the first part of your morning before any classes put the word “exercise”. It can be stretches, a walk, Pilates, or a swim. No matter what kind it is, make it a habit of doing it every day.

Exercise opens up your thinking ability, stimulating the hormone epinephrine; increasing your concentration. Your blood begins to circulate giving you more energy and thereby increasing your production. College courses can be stressful and exercise relieves that stress big time.

3. Plan A Study Time

plan a study time

Don’t just study any time of day. Put it on your calendar and add the words, “No matter what”. Okay if there is an absolute emergency like blood or lack of breathing, then don’t study, otherwise, you hit those books the same time every single day. Also, if there’s upcoming exams, or you have an urgent writing tasks, don’t forget to give some additional time for this. If you haven’t one, feel free to ask help from writing services. Just type “write my essay for me” in the Google’s search string.

Many students find that classical music helps them to focus on their studies and looking at a number of hits that it gets on YouTube we are apt to believe them. For every hour of class, you should be studying 2 hours. This may seem a bit extreme, but you want those lectures and your notes to stick to your brain so that your tests will score high.

4. Become A Positive Thinker
positive thinker

Academic success takes hard work more than it takes innate talent. (I had to think that one over when it comes to math) But even the hardest subject can be overcome with positive thinking. Telling yourself that you can do it with perseverance and applying yourself every day will win out over the anxiety of failure.

Look in the mirror and say to yourself, “Self, you can do it, you can learn anything, well not an advanced molecular development of chronic diseases, but other than that, you can do it” Maybe over time you can learn that other thing too.

5. Form Your Schedule Out Of Necessity


While looking over your schedule sometimes you need to make changes. Have a 5-minute time block where you and your schedule work things out. Yes, your schedule is going to take on a persona. It has life in it, yours. You should see a shift in your schedule by the end of the first month of school.

By now you know which classes are going to give you the most trouble. On your schedule allow more time for those classes than the ones you seem to be breezing along in.

6. Turn Off Your Phone

turn off your phone

I know, I know, this one hurts. But it is necessary to keep you from being distracted. The next time you are in study hall or the library. Look around; you will find many students with books laid out ready to study, but then they are looking at their phones either playing games or texting with friends.

When we hear a beep from our phones we automatically pick them up to see who or what it is. Believe me, if you turn your phone off each time you study, you will not miss it. This is one habit that you will be glad that you formed.

7. Relax


This is the last one because it is sometimes the hardest to get to, but you must find time to do it. Sometimes when you are studying and everything seems to go blank, get up, go out for a while. Go down to the pizza parlor, or over to the gym. Go to the park or just take a short walk to relax your being. When you get back you will have fresh eyes for the work you are doing and renewed fervor.

We are sure that you will find many more suggestions for this list. As you find them add them to what you have here and use them. Good luck in your future!



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